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Katharine Birkett

Katharine Birkett

Saddle Brook, NJ


At Filtered Light Gallery youíll discover elegant toned-down colors; a sense of light and movement; distinctive mood and presence, even at smaller sizes; and texture you want to reach out and touch, which beautifully complements the natural palette.

New images are being added regularly; this is just part of my portfolio.

What kind of moments fill my work? Some gentle, some intense; all reflective, all evocative.

Underneath, there are photographs. Many of my scenes convey filtered light; they all are built of it! Each photo is transformed on a canvas of light by a unique journey through the infinite possibilities.

I use the privilege of having seen wonderful places and things to guide me in transforming images into a new beauty. I've seen Japanese silks and Moroccan sand dunes; golden rapeseed on Scotland-green hillsides, and Connecticut ice storms. I've seen color schemes in museums that echo in my mind. I draw on that privilege when I start work on a photograph of a flower in a storm drain!--with all its possibilities for all different kinds of beauty.

Each interpretation is my creation. Each artwork is equally the gift of the first artist who ever created with light.

Itís my desire that a corner of your life would be illuminated by the scenes Iíve been privileged to capture and create.

Feel free to contact me with questions (Iíll be glad to answer them). Other formats? Framing help? Drop me a line using the email link. Enjoy Filtered Light Gallery, and please come again to see what's new.

(Thank you kindly for respecting my copyright, which applies to all prints, all online images, and all other versions of my work.)



Cranberry Cascade by Katharine Birkett


Hibiscus Radiant by Katharine Birkett


October Silhouette by Katharine Birkett


Birch Stand in Seaglass by Katharine Birkett


April Morning with Cherry Blossoms by Katharine Birkett


Hibiscus Seclusion by Katharine Birkett


Moonlight I by Katharine Birkett


Birch Tapestry by Katharine Birkett


Leaves of Gold by Katharine Birkett


Light Rejoicing by Katharine Birkett


Dogwood I by Katharine Birkett